08 février 2006

Reporting Services: Régler les problèmes de lenteurs

Vous avez sûrement constaté des problèmes de lenteur dans Reporting Services lorsque vous vous connectez sur le portail la première fois le matin ou après un "certain" laps de temps.
Un simple paramétrage de IIS vous permettra de passer outre cette gêne, il vous suffit de suivre les instructions ci-dessous:
If you are running Windows 2003 server for your IIS reportserver, then this is a simple issue - I'll explain what happens: The report service engine, once it is idle for more than the default 20 minutes, the worker process is shutdown. This is controlled by IIS.
Open up the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Expand the server node then the application pools. On my IIS machine, I created an application pool dedicated to the reportserver & reportmanager virtual webs. But anyways, for the application pool that the reportserver is pointing to if you left everything to their defaults will be the DefaultAppPool. Right click the default app pool and select properties. There are two things that are checked by default - On the recycling tab there is a checkbox for recycling worker processes - it is currently set to 1740 minutes (29 hours). Leave it. The other one is on the performance tab - which is the one you are interested in changing.... See the "Idle Timeout" section and increase the number of minutes to be 8 hours a typical working day - 8*60 = 480 minutes.
Next, to be sure the "morning person" that runs the first report doesn't get the delay, set up a schedule for either a dummy or adhoc report to fire off like at 6am so that the report component worker processes get loaded.

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